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From RENTING to OWNING in 5 simple steps!

Owning a home is easier than you think! With our straightforward guidance, you're just steps away from your dream home. Let us guide you through every stage of the journey.

5 simple steps to homeownership!

We help you navigate through everything else, so you don't worry.

Step 1:

Schedule a call to get pre qualified.

Step 2:

Get a written pre-approval or verified approval.

Step 3:

Work with your realtor for properties within your parameters and submit offers

Step 4:

Go through inspections and loan processing

Step 5:

Sign documents & close, get keys, become homeowners.

Home Loan Programs

VA Home Loans

  • As low as 0% Down Payment

  • Low or no credit score required

  • Lowest rates

  • No mortgage insurance ever

  • Easy streamline refinance option

Learn More - VA Loans

Conventional Home Loans

  • Down payment options as low at 3%

  • Mortgage Insurance may be required up to 20% down payment

  • Removable mortgage insurance

  • Lowest monthly payment

  • Credit scores starting at 620

  • Ideal for borrowers with good credit and down payment

Learn More - Conventional Loans

FHA Home Loans

  • Ideal for most first-time home buyers

  • Only 3.5% down payment required

  • Down payment assistance option available

  • Streamlined refinance option available

  • Credit scores starting at 580

Learn More - FHA Loans

Jumbo Loans

  • For loan amounts above Fannie, FHA, or VA county limits

Learn More - Jumbo Loans

Renovation Loans

  • Conventional - Fannie Homestlye Loan

  • FHA - 203k Renovation Loan

  • VA - VA Renovation Loan

  • All the same qualification with the renovations built into one single easy loan

Learn More:

VA Renovation

FHA 203k Renovation

Fannie Homestyle

No Doc Loan (Stated Income)

Currently not available

Learn More - No Doc Loans

Bank Statement Loan

  • 12-24 months bank statement for income deposit verification

  • No tax returns required

  • No W2 or 1099 required

  • Options as low as 15% down payment

  • Credit scores starting at 660

Learn More - Bank Statement Loan

Investor DSCR Loan

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

  • Possible no ratio loan

  • As low as 20% down payment

  • No tax returns required

  • No W2 or 1099s required

  • Credit scores as low as 660

  • Reserves required

Learn More - DSCR Loan

P&L Only Loan

Profit & Loss Loan

  • CPA certified P&L provided as income

  • Down payment as low as 20%

  • Minimum credit score 680

  • Reserves required

Learn More - P&L Only Loan

Foreign National ITIN Loans

Coming soon - Please inquire.

Learn More - ITIN Loans

1099 or W2 Only Loans

1099 Statements only

Learn More - 1099 Only Loans

Asset Utilization Loans

  • Credit scores as low as 660

  • Assets used as income

  • 20% down payment required

  • Income formula below

Monthly Income = Total Asset / 60 months

Learn More - Asset Utilization Loans

Reverse Mortgage / Reverse Purchase

Retire comfortably with a reverse mortgage! Get rid of an expense, or have some extra cash for retirement. Enjoy the home without the stress.

  • Must be 62 years and older

  • No monthly payment

  • Cash out option

  • Monthly stipend option

  • Primary home only

Learn More - Reverse Mortgage

Down Payment Assistance


  • Soft 2nd loan

  • Local / State Programs

    • Work with a lender & realtor to identify local programs

Learn More - Down Payment Assistance Programs

Temporary Rate Buy Down

Interested parties to contribute towards buyer's rate buy down:

Interested Parties:

  • Seller concessions

  • Buyer/seller agent credit

    • Lender option may be available

    Example: 3-2-1 temporary rate buy down means:

    • If original rate is 7%

    • 1st year rate is 7% - 3% = 4%

    • 2nd year rate is 7% - 2% = 5%

    • 3rd year rate is 7% - 1% = 6%

    • 4th year rate is 7%

      NOTE: Buyer must qualify at the 7% rate BEFORE the temporary buy down

Purpose on this is to help the buyer make the payments more affordable while banking on future rates to drop for a refinance.

Remaining balance on the temporary rate buy down belongs to the buyer.

Contact us for more details

How to Get Approved

Connect with one of our veteran loan officers to help get you pre-approved.

Down Payment

As low as:

0% with VA Loan

3.5% with FHA loan

5% with Conventional

Credit Score

Credit Scores starting at:

500 with VA Loan

580 with FHA Loan

620 with Conventional

Employment History

2 years working history

Some exceptions may apply. Please, talk to a loan officer to find out.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

VA Loan - up to 65%

FHA Loan - up to 57%

Conventional - up to 50%

We have additional loan products that can help the unique borrower.

What customers say about us

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Jesse Ugwuegbu


"David is YOUR GO TO Guy for real estate needs as he's patient to understand my situation and listen to my story. He gather the information he needed to give me a clear and concise plan so I can be a homeowner using my VA Home Loan within a 3 year window. Giving true Good, Better, and Best scenarios for my specific position with my finance, credit report, and vision of being a homeowner. Never had this before when I attempted to get pre-approved for a home; he actually checked in with me occasionally to see if I keep up with the tasks we laid out. HIGHLY recommended!!!"


Jonathan Adkins

Army Veteran

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